A recent United Nations report admonished the world for not becoming “climate neutral” fast enough to avoid the “catastrophic consequences” of climate change. It’s an odd complaint for the U.N. to make, considering that the international body has failed to reduce its own greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. The average humanContinue Reading

The Wall Street Journal published two front page articles in March 2011 on the battle raging between renewables (tree-based paper bags and wood pallets) and nonbiodegradables (fossil fuel-based plastic bags and plastic pallets). The WSJ is also currently running a poll asking if nonbiodegradable plastic bags should be banned. OnContinue Reading

A poll running on “green” fashion site Ecouterre asked whether humans controlling nutria — a 16-18 pound invasive rodent from South America that ruins U.S. wetlands –should utilize the pelt or leave it in the marsh to decompose. Not surprisingly, the bulk of respondents offered a resounding “yes!” — useContinue Reading

While US citizens are empowered with the power of the vote, the US Congress holds the power of the purse. And, just before 2 a.m. on Saturday the 19th, a hardworking House of Representatives voted overwhelmingly to eliminate funding for the United Nations’ International Panel on Climate Change, the propagandaContinue Reading

Piers Corbyn is enjoying an “I told you so” moment after the UK astrophysicist-meteorologist predicted a cold, snowy winter, in direct contradiction to the official UK government’s prediction. Corbyn also predicts, that since we have solidly moved into a cooling trend, we’ll have another 25 years of cold weather, allContinue Reading

in sunny Mexico, is in full swing. It seems appropriate that discussions should be held in Cancun, which means “nest of snakes” in Mayan. A key focus on the talks is forcing developed countries to transfer $100 billion annually to developing countries  — including China and India. And, while PresidentContinue Reading

Over the weekend I drove to Santa Barbara and back, 400 miles, to listen to British Member of Parliament Daniel Hannan speak to a group at the Ronald Reagan Ranch Center. That’s a long way to go for a plateful of “food for thought.” But it was worth every mile.Continue Reading

John Coleman, the founder of the Weather Channel, has put together a great selection of links on the “climate change” campaign with a link to his very good presentation on the subject. Does Coleman believe this is an issue requiring massive government resources (our money) to “solve”? No, he doesContinue Reading

You’ll want to read this article, just one in a fascinating multi-part series on the business of Big Green. Follow this link to the original article and see the colored box in middle linking to all the articles in the Special Report: Big Green.  On Friday, “California is ground zeroContinue Reading

Do you know that the rare earth metals are a collection of 17 elements essential for your future? Did you know it take 2 tons of rare earths per “green” wind turbine? And did you know the California desert holds one of the largest concentrations of rare earths on theContinue Reading