A nest of snakes talks hot air — and money

in sunny Mexico, is in full swing.

It seems appropriate that discussions should be held in Cancun, which means “nest of snakes” in Mayan. A key focus on the talks is forcing developed countries to transfer $100 billion annually to developing countries  — including China and India. And, while President Obama stressed the importance of transparency in tracking any funding, several nations — including China and India — complained that such tracking was an affront to their sovereignty. Of course, there’s an easy solution: don’t take the money!

Japan, which NEVER leaves international agreements, announced at the meeting that it would not take part in a second commitment period for the Kyoto Protocol. Canada and Russia joined Japan to block any extension of the Kyoto Protocol beyond 2012, the same year the Mayan calendar ends. All very fitting.

Would the world really end in 2012 if the climate change” treaty falters? Of course not — but the “conflict industry,” as we know it, certainly might! And, for some, THAT would be the end of the world!

At the same time of the meeting, US State Department documents posted to WikiLeaks included some revealing how the “climate change” campaign is a cover for transferring taxpayer dollars overseas. Even George Soros was making suggestions on how to move billions.  And down in Cancun, delegates to the meeting gleefully signed petitions to cripple the US economy —  and ban H2O!

Unbelievably, the Saudis too were looking for money, concerned they’d “missed a trick” by not doing “something clever” like China and India!

And while US taxpayers have come out strongly against “pork” financing pet projects in the US, the WikiLeaks documents reveal “climate change” campaign funds, “pork,” funding pet projects all over the world. One such example is the dredging a deeper port in the Maldives, begging the question: If the Maldives faces rising oceans due to man-made climate change, why does it need to dredge its harbor at all?

The Mayans worshiped the sun, the source of all weather and “climate change.” One day, when it’s proven that sunspot activity has a far greater impact on long-term climate – which changes – than man’s contribution, this meeting in Cancun will be seen for what it is, a great gathering of hot air — and a terrific location for a “nest of snakes” to winter when the snow is falling everywhere else!


To understand the “economics” of the “climate change” campaign, see Tyranny by Treaty

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