US Congress cuts off one UN boondoggle

While US citizens are empowered with the power of the vote, the US Congress holds the power of the purse. And, just before 2 a.m. on Saturday the 19th, a hardworking House of Representatives voted overwhelmingly to eliminate funding for the United Nations’ International Panel on Climate Change, the propaganda arm of the “climate change” campaign.

Congressman Blaine Luetkemeyer of Missouri, the “show me” state, deserves praise for seeing it as it is and introducing the amendment.

The vote will not stop scientific research, just stop some of the spin that’s been going on related to the “climate change” campaign for years.

But Congress shouldn’t stop with just defunding one small section of the UN’s multi-billion-dollar black hole for corrupt schemes.

US taxpayers underwrite over 20% of the costs of every bit of nonsense that runs through the UN, losing billions annually. It’s absolutely time to stop funding the UN at the current level.

So, one down. Thousands more to go.

NOTES:  See Climate Depot for more.

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