Teresa Platt: A busy career, a busy life

I am currently on sabbatical–traveling, researching, writing and taking photos. In July of 2023, my architectural and landscape photographs of the village of Saint-Pierre-Toirac were included in an art exhibit in Southwest France.

Educated in fine arts, architecture and communications at UCLA and the Southern California Institute of Architecture, I worked in public relations and marketing until I joined my father’s fishing business in La Jolla. There I managed shoreside operations for a vessel operating in the high seas yellowfin tuna fishery in the Eastern Tropical Pacific. I also co-owned and operated a sailboat charter company on San Diego Bay.

Business took me to a career in government affairs and public relations with a focus on fishing, farming and land use. I served as the director fishing and farming associations so I’ve done my share of researching, writing, working with reporters and government agencies on policy. I even did some time at a DC think tank.

Additionally, I worked on fixer uppers and transformed two vacation rentals in North San Diego County into successful businesses (Lakemont Drive and Wilt Road). From there, I expanded into consulting and government affairs for the short term rental and hospitality businesses.

I was actively involved in SaveFallbrookGolfCourse.com and SaveGirdValley.com which succeeded in preserving 116 acres in the heart of Gird Valley in North San Diego County.

Somewhere in all that I managed to raise a family, make friends, see a bit of the world.

Life is quieter now but still busy. The only constant in my life has been change along with a love of good people, architecture, nature and photography. I hope you enjoy the photos at www.instagram.com/platt.teresa/

Contact me at Teresa.Platt@icloud.com and +1 760-468-2025 (direct and via WhatsApp).

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