“Green” editor scuttles sustainable use

A poll running on “green” fashion site Ecouterre asked whether humans controlling nutria — a 16-18 pound invasive rodent from South America that ruins U.S. wetlands –should utilize the pelt or leave it in the marsh to decompose.

Not surprisingly, the bulk of respondents offered a resounding “yes!” — use the outside of the animals, the pelt, for fur clothing, they voted! The poll did not include a question about using the inside of the animal, the meat — another question which would have drawn a resounding “yes!” — especially from chefs featuring it on their menus.

But Ecouterre’s Editor Jill Fehrenbacker — not Kestrel Jenkins, the author of the article that accompanied the poll — did not like these results. So she cancelled them out and closed the poll!

Those supporting sustainable use of natural fibers for human benefit were shocked to see their win — of almost 400 “yes” votes — reduced to a loss of 59 votes, a complete fiction presented as fact!

Sustainable use supporters were censored by a “green” editor with an agenda.

To add insult to injury, this “green” site is promoting an animal rights conference pushing synthetics (fossil fuel-based clothing) as the alternative to renewable, biodegradable fibers for use in cold weather clothing!

And this on a “green,” slow clothing website that states it is designed to stimulate a “dialogue,” “provide [a] forum, paving the way to a smarter, more sustainable future.”

Sad, isn’t it?

Fur, of course, is the oldest fabric on the planet, clearly a sustainable clothing choice. Too bad this “geen” site dissed its natural allies, those supporting science-based wildlife management and sustainable use.

“I smell a rat,” said one. “And it ain’t nutria!”

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