WIll heads roll in California?

It’s kind of sad to see our muscle bound Governator pleading like a “girlie man” with California’s Air Resources Board (CARB) Chair Dr. Mary Nichols, begging her not to behead the golden goose (California businesses) with a big cap & trade permit auction.

The Governator wants to give businesses cap & trade permits for free and phase in the auction process slowly, allowing businesses to adjust.

In this economy, who can blame him?

Eco-groups are howling for the Governator’s head.

Meanwhile, the Engineering and Utilities Contractors’ Association, whose members have spent $35 million trying to comply with CARB rules, are calling for Dr. Nichols’ head for hiring a Ph.D. with bogus credentials. Worse yet, Dr. Nichols appears to have known he was a fake but allowed his research to generate policy that will cost Californians a bundle.

Off with his head!

I’ve written on Dr. Mary Nichols before when she was causing chaos, along with the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) and other eco-groups, by using the draconian zero-tolerance Clean Water Act. From there she moved on to generate more atmospheric chaos using the Clean Air Act and the United Nations treaty on climate change.

This particular round of chaos is triggered by the state’s Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006, as triggered by the United Nation’s discredited climate change treaty and “educational” campaign.

The cap & trade concept was launched in the Kyoto protocol, an amendment to the United Nation’s climate change treaty. David Doniger of the NRDC is credited with drafting the concept. And yes, CARB’s Dr. Mary Nichols is a founding attorney of the NRDC.

It almost seems quaint to see California stuck in the rut over “man-made” climate change when around the world more and more citizens see the issue as a sham, a way to benefit a few while costing many.

But California law remains cast in stone while science moves forward. And UN-generated “climate change” policies are peppered throughout our government agencies. Climate change propaganda is all through the schools. This scam will be costing us for dozens of years unless we pass something to counter it all.

And California is attempting to pass another bill, AB 32, which argues that since businesses are too stupid or lazy to adopt cost saving measures, the state will force them to do so, at great expense to us all. It’s shocking just how expensive saving money can be when the government gets involved!

Unless the government gives rebates, UN-mandated “climate change” costs are simply passed along to taxpayers and consumers. It has been estimated that cap & trade-related costs will total about $1,761 per household, equivalent to a 15% tax increase, a “carbon” tax. Pay the fees in your products or via taxes — probably both — someone still has to pick up the bill for all these “green” jobs created by “green” cleanup policies mandated by the UN which seems to have no respect for the free market or local politics.

To make it worse, the U.S. in on the hook, again via mandates from United Nations treaties, for funding hundreds of billions in “green” jobs overseas. Call it modern day “green housekeeping” to save the planet from our messiness, our “pollution”.

The Godfather was right when he said, “A lawyer can steal more money with a brief case than a thousand men with pistols”.

But add in a couple of Ph.D.s and a dose of politics and multi-national grand theft is just “bad policy”. Your money is still gone, bundles of it, but you don’t have the right to sue for “bad policy” so it’s unlikely any heads will roll. 

Ironically, sunshine — which can do a lot to brighten up the political arena — also has the greatest impact on climate change, on short and long term natural cycles.

The contribution of “green house gases” (GHGs) to the atmosphere by animals (including humans) is miniscule. GHGs, by the way, include what you exhale — CO2 — which the plants happily inhale.

O.K., taxpayers, take a deep breath!

And maybe one day heads will roll.

UPDATE: October 10: Turns out some of the Air Resources Board’s calculations were off by a bit, 340%!

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