Gored into submission over climate change?

If you feel like our country has been knocked about like a puck at the ice rink by the infamous hockey stick, you’re not alone.

It’s becoming more and more clear to everything that the “climate change” campaign is a hoax and CEI’s Marlo Lewis sings about it.

If the implications of the U.N.’s climate change scheme weren’t so serious, it would be funny.

But thanks, Marlo, for making us all laugh! We needed that!

If you like Marlo’s song, you’ll really enjoy this one by a couple of frozen Minnesotans dreaming of palm trees and pink flamingos!

You can sing along (to the tune of “If I had a million dollars!”):

If we had some global warming, way up here in Minnesota!

If we had some global warming, I wouldn’t mind one iota! 

It’s catchy!

The same two guys took John Lennon’s “Imagine” and created another catchy song, “Imagine there’s no global warming…”

There are dozens of songs out there, like this one, “Al Gore’s Travelin’ Global Warming Show” — featuring a singer that even sounds a bit like Neil Diamond.

And this one, “Hide the Decline”, made some people so angry they threatened the musicians with lawsuits — which simply stimulated a second version, “Hide the Decline II”!

I do like “Ball of Fire!” done to the tune of June Carter Cash’s Ring of Fire, as made famous by Johnny Cash’s grit and gravel voice. 

Freezing Canadians For Global Warming are pretty funny as they dream of shutting up Al Gore so they can get a Club Med Saskatchewan via global warming!

Even the kids are doing some great parody pieces like this “Inconvenient Interview” spoof of Al Gore and Conan O’Brien.

And Gore is wowing them with doom and gloom and poetry. Yes, poetry!

And here’s a REAL tipping point — to a new level of absurdity in Congress. Watch from the beginning but the real gem is at about 1:15. I am amazed the Admiral kept a straight face.

Not laughing hard enough yet, see this video on the car of the future as designed by Congressional committees to meet the UN’s climate change treaty mandates!

Funny? Yes!

Global warming politics? Not so much.

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