The Red-Green alliance collapses

In Europe, the far left is tumbling at the polls in the 2010 election cycle. Some blame this on the “Red-Green alliance” of socialist labor politicians and the “Green” movement.

In the US, the same alliance appeared in an attempt to merge “blue collar” labor with green socialists via the “Blue-Green alliance.”

Perhaps what is being seen at the polls in Europe is the fact that we’re all color blind when it comes to jobs — purple, orange, blue, pink, green or chartreuse – all jobs are created equal — IF such jobs are created by market forces.

European voters appear to be voicing an objection to robbing (taxing) Peter to prop up Paul’s business — just because Paul’s rebranded good old fashioned capitalist efficiency as “eco-friendly” or painted his latest cash consuming boondoggle a bright green!

Perhaps there is still hope for economic sanity yet! And who would have ever thought such hope might pop up first in Europe?

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