God Bless Texas

It’s a simple thing to say NO! to ever-bigger government.

But it’s always surprising when a state government announces its leather cowboy “boots are made for walking” and warns the federal government: “Don’t tread on me!”

So Three Stars to the Lone Star state for a great letter to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) rejecting the EPA’s asserted attempt to achieve “centralized control of industrial development” through greenhouse gas regulation and to force states to “pledge their fealty” to EPA’s regulatory regime.

Wow. Them there are fighting words.

The letter points out the EPA’s own acknowledgement of the absurd results of applying the Clean Air Act to greenhouse gases, saying: “In order to avoid the absurd results of EPA’s own creation, you have developed a ‘tailoring rule’ in which you have substituted your own judgment for Congress’s as to how deep and wide to spread the permitting burden.”

Texas goes on to offers constitutional and statutory grounds for refusing to comply.

That’s right. Texas invoked the Constitution!

God Bless Texas!

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