Loss of hope in the countryside

Another day, another story.

“Green” policies have created layers and layers and layers of bureaucracy on food and fiber workers of the world. 

A 17 year old farmer’s daughter’s wrote a moving letter on the loss of hope she feels as she ponders her future in Australia. 

Another family cleared local hurdles, and another layer above that, only to have the additional layers change the rules after their operation started based on new GHG rules generated by the UN climate change treaty, another layer so far away they have no ability to address what most people now see as the biggest con of the new millennium.

What’s awful about this particular story is that the lawyer the family turned to for help, who was charging an arm and a leg for consultations, was actually working with the bureaucrats to create controversy over the family’s operation.

It’s a familiar story. “Green” lawyers work both in the bureaucracy, within “eco” groups pushing the laws and creating controversy, and also offer expensive services to the victims of the regulations. It’s a lucrative profession. Much more lucrative than being involved in actual food and fiber production in 2010, anywhere on the planet. 

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