Sinful Eccles cakes for the TEA Party!

Once upon a time, a long, long time ago, in Lancashire in Merry Old England, in the tiny village of “Eccles” (which means “church”), there lived a very, very good baker. This baker created a current-filled pastry to be served on religious feast days.

So rich and delicious, these Eccles cakes had to be secretly pagan — or so thought the Puritans — who banned  Eccles cakes in 1653! Bake or eat an Eccles cake and you’d be tossed in jail!

So, this recipe is perfect, sinfully perfect, for today’s TEA Party!

Bake up some Eccles cakes and enjoy them with a cuppa tea, while pondering a few great truths:

1)There will always be people out there with silly opinions;

2)People with silly opinions will gravitate towards those with power and too much time on their hands;

3)Together those with silly opinions, and those with too much power and time on their hands, will pass really stupid legislation to bedevil everyone else; and

4)Today, Eccles cakes are legal and just as sinfully delicious as they were in 1653 when they were banned!

Raise a cuppa and toast the baker — and those who repealed what has to be one of the silliest laws of all time!

Here’s the recipe!

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