Dirty Jobs’ Mike Rowe counters dirty lies

I’m a big fan of people who work hard and get dirty in the process. So it’s no surprise I am a fan of Mike Rowe of Dirty Jobs and Deadliest Catch. 

So I was thrilled to learn Rowe has done a fantastic feature piece on modern egg production. (Your comments are needed on this site!) 

The piece revisited the Hickman’s egg farm in Arizona — which Dirty Jobs profiled in a segment on November 18, 2008

Those interested in learning more (especially since the HSUS-funded Proposition 2 will essentially ban virtually all egg farming in California after 2015), do read the Promar report stored on the United Egg Producers’ site.  

You can watch a great interview with Mike at a Future Farmers of America meeting. At 2:35 he talks about the conflict between farmers and animal rightists working for the “eradication of animal agriculture”.  He says it all so clearly!

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