You know it’s cold when….

…pinched UK pensioners burn books to keep warm and young Brits are looking for a deal on a good used fur.  And even those who used to protest fur shops and vegetarians are happily wearing real fur.

It’s really, really cold, all over the world. And people are looking to find ways to keep warm that don’t include burning fossil fuels. They are looking to real fur to do the job. 

As a Southern Californian who’s traveled to Fargo and Finland in the dead of winter, I totally get it. I use my furs all winter — inside and out — and they’ve saved me a bundle on heating bills. I even toss a fur in the car when traveling since one never knows when you might get stranded overnight on a back road.

Recycling the leftovers from our food production into gorgeous and warm mink coats to keep us cozy all winter makes a lot of sense. And, as you can see from those in the UK seeking out deals on good used fur garments, a well-cared-for fur can give your family generations of warmth.

So dress warmly, it’s cold out there.

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