The controversy drops with the temperature

The captions below the pictures of Brits happily wearing real fur this winter are great.

“Fur keeps me warm.”

“I only wear vintage — I’m a vegetarian.”

“My mum wears fur and most of my friends have some fur…”

“It’s a matter for each individual to decide whether they wear it.”

“If you’re going to kill it and eat it, then you can wear it.”

“People are wearing more and more fur.”

“I’m glad I got this mink coat. I treated myself last year. I sold a holiday home to pay for it.”

“I was with a girlfriend today and she was off to buy a fur coat.”

“…on the school run all the mothers are wearing fur.”

And my favorite is a fella with the huge grin wearing a fur-trimmed jacket. He tells us that, at home, he has mink, fitch and raccoon garments while admitting that he “…used to protest outside fur shops”!

“Beyond organic” farmer Joel Salatin has stated that many of their best customers are vegetarians. Once vegetarians discover they can be ethical AND eat meat and dairy while saving the planet – that they can be ethical holistic omnivores, they’re happy customers forever.

The Brits have realized that — while natural fiber fur clothing will cost you more up front than oil-based synthetics — holistically, real fur is a great choice. And for those who love free range, “free range fur”, wild fur, is perfect fit. 

Real fur is sustainably produced and harvested, biodegradable and renewable — all the things we demand of our clothing.

So glad the Brits have joined the furry parade. Dress warmly — it’s cold outside!

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