What if….

What if….. 

What if CO2 emissions from 6,000 older inefficient PCs in Duluth could be reduced by half by replacing them with one big 5-acre computer in Des Moines run by just 88 people? Think of what we’d save in CO2 emissions! 

We’ll establish another UN bureaucracy with green jobbers to monitor this mitigation plan! And we’ll finance it all – and a make a ton of money – with an annual fee per ton of CO2 emissions saved – paid by New Yorkers required by law to pony up – every year for the life of the computer in Des Moines, estimated at 20 years. We’ll charge fees for any files printed in Des Moines and delivered to Duluth (but ignore the CO2 emissions generated in transit).

Along with the Teamsters, NGOs and bureaucrats, New Yorkers will be thrilled by this plan since these are green jobs and, after all, we’re saving the planet! 

And what could possibly be better than that?

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