What a con!

From page 11 of “WE HAVE BEEN CONNED: An Independent review of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)” by John McLean:

“It was at this 1992 ‘Earth Summit’ that the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) was established. One of its first actions was to unilaterally and deceitfully redefine the common expression ‘Climate change’ to only refer to climate change that was directly or indirectly caused by human activity. It announced that ‘natural’ climate change would be known as ‘climate variability’ on the basis of a claim that natural forces could only account for short-term variability. From this time forward, everyone who used the very common expression term ‘climate change’ would be reinforcing the UNFCCC’s view that human activity was a significant influence on climate, and only technically those who explicitly talked about ‘climate variability’ would referring to ‘natural’ change. One wonders whether if the meanings of the two terms had been swapped whether the notion of manmade climate change would have inveigled its way into the public consciousness as much has with the words ‘climate change.’”

Such a simple redefinition. Such a huge impact on policy all over the world.

The report concludes:

“The IPCC, and the UNFCC that it serves, be disbanded. These organizations have been founded on faulty assumptions and shown little integrity and candour when it comes to uncertainties and the possible influences of other forces. Both appear to have a political agenda without scientific justification. Neither has provided any evidence for restricting or reducing carbon dioxide emissions and yet on the claims of the IPCC the UNFCCC has demanded that sovereign governments impose onerous conditions on their citizens and businesses and have threatened huge financial penalties for countries that fail to meet certain unjustifiable requirements.”

Good point.

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