Neo learns about political spin

This is from Australia, a 3-part YouTube movie on “Labour Spin” called “Digital Future Under Labor Government,” a “dystopian society” of mass poverty under an oppressive governmental structure. The film features Neo from The Matrix.

While the labels used are a bit foreign to us here in the US, it’s point is timeless. The choice is there for every generation: Individual freedom with all its risk — or be absorbed into The Matrix, the gray, the faceless — but predictably safe — Matrix.

Which will Neo choose? What The Matrix calls “Compassion” and “stability,” a life that is ordered and decided for him? Or will Neo embrace real life with all its challenges and risk, government-free?

So far, Neo’s been sleeping! Will he become aware and “vote consciously” in time to save the world?

We’ve got our money on Neo! Go, Neo, go!

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