The Nature Conservancy’s Chief Scientist Peter Kareiva is championing serious changes in the business model currently embraced by the conservation movement, what many call the “conflict industry.” Kareiva’s thought-provoking essay says a lot of what most people involved in resources have known for many years: conflict fundraising, “I have aContinue Reading

Faith in something beyond death and decay is truly the ultimate in virtual reality. And this virtual reality production of the Sistine Chapel is overwhelmingly beautiful. The man we know as Michelangelo is credited with creating the Sistine Chapel but other artists contributed frescoes, the amazing tile floor, the draperies,Continue Reading

People have been asking me what I’ve been doing with “all my time” between employment contracts, in my ’tween time. I’ve been told many times I’m a self-starter, no carrot needed. I think it must be true since it’s amazing how busy I’ve been in the ’tween time.   I’ve doneContinue Reading

Food security is actually a great topic for a discussion on Thanksgiving weekend. After all, Thanksgiving is a time for celebrating abundance in food and thanking God for the productivity of the Earth. Charlie Arnot has done a great presentation on food security and the challenge of producing food andContinue Reading

You have a dog, a cat, a goldfish and a gerbil in your home. Your kids love ’em, as do you. But one day, while you’re busy elsewhere, your gardener is filmed kicking your dog. The footage is used in his prosecution. He’s found guilty and fined. You fire himContinue Reading

While most states don’t charge sales tax on food, some do and some are trying to do so.  But everyone knows that government takes money from its citizens, taxes, which it transforms into agricultural subsidies, the bulk of which go to the largest farms. Very little benefits the mid toContinue Reading

The Wall Street Journal published two front page articles in March 2011 on the battle raging between renewables (tree-based paper bags and wood pallets) and nonbiodegradables (fossil fuel-based plastic bags and plastic pallets). The WSJ is also currently running a poll asking if nonbiodegradable plastic bags should be banned. OnContinue Reading

A poll running on “green” fashion site Ecouterre asked whether humans controlling nutria — a 16-18 pound invasive rodent from South America that ruins U.S. wetlands –should utilize the pelt or leave it in the marsh to decompose. Not surprisingly, the bulk of respondents offered a resounding “yes!” — useContinue Reading

While US citizens are empowered with the power of the vote, the US Congress holds the power of the purse. And, just before 2 a.m. on Saturday the 19th, a hardworking House of Representatives voted overwhelmingly to eliminate funding for the United Nations’ International Panel on Climate Change, the propagandaContinue Reading

Piers Corbyn is enjoying an “I told you so” moment after the UK astrophysicist-meteorologist predicted a cold, snowy winter, in direct contradiction to the official UK government’s prediction. Corbyn also predicts, that since we have solidly moved into a cooling trend, we’ll have another 25 years of cold weather, allContinue Reading