Teresa Platt: a busy career, a busy life

As of 2023, Teresa Platt is on sabbatical, traveling, researching, writing and taking photos. Her architectural and landscape photographs of the village of Saint-Pierre-Toirac were included in an art exhibit in Southwest France.

Educated in fine arts, architecture and communications, Teresa worked in public relations and marketing until she joined her father and his partner managing shoreside operations for a tuna boat operating in the high seas tuna yellowfin tuna fishery in the Eastern Tropical Pacific.

Thus began a career in government affairs and public relations with a focus on fishing, farming and land use and time at a think tank in DC. She also developed two vacation rentals in North San Diego County into successful operations (Lakemont Drive and Wilt Road), later expanding into consulting and government affairs for the short term hospitality business.

Teresa was also actively involved in the successful community organization SaveGirdValley.com.

Reach Teresa at Teresa.Platt@icloud.com and +1 760-468-2025. Enjoy the photos at www.instagram.com/platt.teresa/

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