The Jefferson Library is a national treasure.  Considered one of the world’s most beautiful buildings when it opened in 1898, it is just as lovely today.  I visited it in June 2013 and took some pictures.  Hope you enjoy them. The Jefferson Library is one of the three buildings that Continue Reading

Most people might not have noticed but Californians just won control of their own kitchens – a wonderful victory for the little guys. Governor Jerry Brown signed AB1616 in September 2012, allowing the “cottage food industry” to create and sell goods, removing layers of red tape that have given largeContinue Reading

A recent United Nations report admonished the world for not becoming “climate neutral” fast enough to avoid the “catastrophic consequences” of climate change. It’s an odd complaint for the U.N. to make, considering that the international body has failed to reduce its own greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. The average humanContinue Reading

There is something special about DC at sunset.  I hope you enjoy this short slideshow of pictures I took with my FujiFilm FinePix camera while walking home February 5 and 6th. At the end I’ve popped in five pictures I took last weekend with my iPhone, walking home from dinnerContinue Reading

It’s been about 3 months since I moved from Fallbrook, California -1,700 people per square mile – to Washington, DC – 10,000 people per square mile.  Yes, it’s been an adjustment.  No avocados, citrus trees or cowboy hats.  Lots of suits, briefcases and people walking. No coyotes or quail; lotsContinue Reading

I’ve just started a new job at the Environment and Enterprise Institute at the National Center for Public Policy Research in Washington, DC. Am feeling optimistic and idealistic. You can contact me at: Teresa Platt Director, Environment and Enterprise Institute The National Center for Public Policy Research 501 Capitol Court, NE,Continue Reading

The first presidential debate of 2012, on October 3, offered up two very different views on the role of government in people’s lives. While the debate was fascinating to watch, I recall similar views  expressed by President Obama and Governor Romney in speeches they each gave in New York CityContinue Reading

The Nature Conservancy’s Chief Scientist Peter Kareiva is championing serious changes in the business model currently embraced by the conservation movement, what many call the “conflict industry.” Kareiva’s thought-provoking essay says a lot of what most people involved in resources have known for many years: conflict fundraising, “I have aContinue Reading

Faith in something beyond death and decay is truly the ultimate in virtual reality. And this virtual reality production of the Sistine Chapel is overwhelmingly beautiful. The man we know as Michelangelo is credited with creating the Sistine Chapel but other artists contributed frescoes, the amazing tile floor, the draperies,Continue Reading