First Quarter in DC

It’s been about 3 months since I moved from Fallbrook, California -1,700 people per square mile – to Washington, DC – 10,000 people per square mile.  Yes, it’s been an adjustment. 

No avocados, citrus trees or cowboy hats.  Lots of suits, briefcases and people walking. No coyotes or quail; lots of squirrels. The weather? Not so bad. 30s in the morning, rising to 40s during the day.  Not a lot of wind or rain during the day so it’s pleasant. But it does require gloves, a hat, earmuffs, good boots and a coat every day!  My flip flops are sitting by the back door just waiting for the weather to warm. I do miss the 60s and 70s of our San Diego winters!

The job at the National Center for Public Policy Research is challenging and interesting.  I’ve written several commentaries and have more in development.  You can find them archived here or just follow the links at to the environment section.  Do sign up for the RSS feed and you’ll get them as they come out.

Have done several interviews on topics such as energy policy, the Endangered Species Act, government regulation.

There are events happening all the time in DC, a candy store for the brain. Authors pushing their new book, panel discussions, interesting presentations – I really enjoy them. Am also reading a lot. Have made it thorough about a dozen of the books on my must-read list. Many more to go.   

I am fortunate to know people out here in DC already – old friends – and they’ve been very kind at inviting me to events and introducing me around. 

While Fallbrook has a population of 30,000, DC has about 600,000 residents. Another 400,000 come in every day for work. So it’s hectic and space is at a premium. 80,000 units are rent-controlled which means they’ve been off the market for decades.  It’s common to meet people who spend 3 hours a day just commuting.

So I was lucky, through a friend, to find a lovely furnished apartment for a reasonable price. It has a very nice patio which I really love. 

It’s across the street from a park and a 20-minute walk to work, a few blocks to the farmers’ market, Eastern Market, and the very cool Barrack’s Row shopping area on 8th St. SE. The Capitol South Metro is 2 blocks away.  I can be through security and at the gate at Reagan National Airport in less than an hour which is very nice. 

There are lots of gorgeous buildings and museums to visit so I have a long list of things to see.

I made up a slide show of pictures of gorgeous buildings, including the Capitol, that I took over the Holidays. It includes shots of my neighborhood too. I hope you enjoy it.

Do I miss home, friends and family?  Yes, every day. Do come and visit soon!

Happy New Year!

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