The fall of Detroit

A video on the fall of Detroit into ruins is a cautionary tale of modern-day hubris.

After watching this video, and learning that the average United Auto Worker (UAW) makes a stunning $130,000 a year in wages and benefits, I wonder where they all live? Certainly not in Detroit.

These sort of lucrative packages keep bankrupting companies with UAW contracts and Congress keeps using our tax dollars to bail them out.

Which cars are UAW-made? Here’s a list.

People wonder, what’s going on with the auto industry in Detroit. After watching this little film, I’m shocked it got this out of control. 

It’s so bad, artists are chronicling the ruins of Detroit in art exhibits. It’s like viewing the ruins of Pompeii.

But Pompeii was a natural disaster caused by volcanic activity. The fall of Detroit is all our own doing.

In a word, it’s hubris, the pride that comes before the fall.

Hubris comes from two Greek words combined, “arrogantly blind.”

The lack of free market forces to keep those at the UAW ever humbled, ever striving — like the rest of us — has resulted in the death of what was once one of our greatest cities.

The Greeks actually saw hubris as one of the greatest crimes.

There but for the grace of the free market, goes the good old US of A.

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