Sharing the earth with “humaniacs”

Drovers magazine is featuring a must-read article on a 10-point presentation by Center for Consumer Freedom’s David Martosko about how to peacefully share the Earth with “humaniacs”.

Martosko’s presentation is really worth watching in its entirely as it is one of the best on the subject I’ve ever seen.

If you love David’s speech, you’ll really like logger Bruce Vincent of Provider Pals. And you’ll want to listen to anything by cowboy champion Trent Loos. 

After watching this, set aside equal time to watch a “beyond humane” “humaniac” Gary Francione arguing for the “abolition” of “slavery of non-human animals”. (Video at lower right). 

Francione is a lawyer and a tenured professor, lectures regularly and is a published author. While he’s completely off-base in his opinions — and that’s what they are, simply one man’s opinion — if the disconnected-from-nature urban majority actually falls for Francione’s misguided theories – – trading food and fiber policies that include sustainable hunts (the ultimate in free range) and the “cowboy way” for the “vegan way” — we’ll eliminate domesticated livestock and collapse human civilization. Of course, for some extreme vegans this would be a blessing. After all, fewer human animals means more habitat for al the other animals!

But remember, human development only covers 6% of the Earth: 3% is for our plant crops and 3% for cities.

Instead of making livings as professional critics I do wish vegans would focus on cleaning up the monoculture crop production of the soybeans they so love. For example, the greatest threat to wildlife is habitat loss, and most of this is caused by clearing land for crop production.

Couldn’t vegans work with those harvesting crops to reduce indirect kills in the field of trillions of insects, birds and wildlife every season?

Couldn’t vegans develop recycling programs for the nonbiodegradable fake fur and polyester clothing they embrace? These nonrenewable “alternatives” are fouling the planet — our seas and lands are chock full of inorganic plastic shoes and bags and clothing. Fovever. It never breaks down.

It makes so much sense for humanity to wear and treasure natural fibers such as silk, wool and hides/pelts (leather, suede, furs such as rabbit, shearling, mink, etc) and the fabulous new wool/fur hybrids on the market.

To feed and clothe 6 billion on a finite and watery planet, we must embrace diverse solutions and rely on free market mechanisms to deliver fairly priced products that capture the full cost of production, including recycling/disposal.

Humans will forever rely on both plants and animals, from wild and domesticated sources. Why? Because nature dictates it be so since less than 3% of the Earth’s surface is capable of producing crops to feed and clothe us. We are omnivores. Not carnivores. Not herbivores. Omnivores.

But, hey it’s a free country and anyone is free to vegetate and agitate as a vegan. But reality and nature dictate humans remain omnivores forever.

We human animals are locked in an eternal symbiosis with the other animals on this planet. It’s beautiful and natural and, in a fast-paced, increasingly urban world, something surely to celebrate.

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