Global warming’s big chill heats up fur prices!

Thank you, Al Gore. It’s ironic that, in Gore’s world, burning fossil fuels causes hotter summers and colder winters. After all, fossil fuels are the source for the real fur industry’s greatest competition: synthetic clothing products. Just a few decades ago, DuPont said we’d have “better living through chemistry” and The Graduate was advised to look to a future in plastics!

We were all told these “miracle” man-made fibers would make seal skin coats obsolete, that we’d all happily turn in our chinchilla-trimmed hats for a little something in “synchilla”.  We’d abandon sheepskin for “eco-fleece” and give up silky soft mink for “faux fur”!

So it is ironic that, per Al Gore, fossil fuel pollution has created this frigid winter season which is, in turn, delivering absolutely tremendous prices during the 2010 real fur pelt auction season.

Farmers are thrilled to receive really strong prices for real mink fur pelts. And trappers too are having a very nice season selling beaver and lynx pelts and more.

Or maybe it’s just that people are getting the message that fossil fuel-based products never biodegrade and that natural fibers, as they have always been, are the best choice and do the best job, hands down, at keeping you comfortable on a chilly day!

Whatever it is, we just want to say, thank you, thank you, thank you, Al Gore! 

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