Caramel Sauce

The trick to making caramel sauce is to watch the sugar/water mixture and make sure it doesn’t burn. (If it does, it’s tricky to clean up as it hardens. Don’t pour water on it as it will splatter up! Let it cool a bit then use hot water to melt it out of the pot. Clear the plumbing with lots of hot water.)

I recommend a candy thermometer when making this sauce and watch carefully as it will go from 250 to 350 degrees pretty quick. And do not stir the sugar/water mix. Swirl the pot!

After you add the heavy cream, stand back! It will bubble up violently — hence the reason for the LARGE pot. After this point, just keep cooking on low and whisking.

Patience! You’ll get there! Total cooking time is about 20 to 30 minutes — but well worth it!

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