Body heat

Fur was our first choice for cold weather clothing. It remains so today. But every garment on the catwalk started out as pelts — so let’s go to auction and examine the pelts offered for sale. 

And if you like this tour, made during the 2010 auction season, here’s another auction tour for you! And here’s where you can learn all about many types of fur.

Amazingly, it still takes longer to make a fur coat than a car — over 40 hours of skilled labor can go into one garment!

So, when it’s cold outside and you’re not — because you’re cozy in your fur coat — remember to say a thank you for the beautiful pelts from the animals the Lord created and thank all those who worked so hard to create the garment that is keeping you warm this winter!

Fur — warming hearts and bodies since the stone age! 

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