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I consult on public relations and government affairs. I am also available for freelance writing/editing, speaking and workshops.

Here are some of my favorite photos.

To find some of the many pieces I’ve penned, just google “by Teresa Platt” and lots will pop up.

I’ve also complies a few commentaries I hope you’ll enjoy:

The Shameful and Painful Spotted Owl Saga (2013)

Big Bureaucrazy Versus Freedom to Farm (2013)

Layers of Green: Greens Accuse Green Certifiers Of Greenwashing Seafood (2013)

Cottage Cooks Win One (2013)

The UN’s Climate Change Hypocrisy (2012)

The Right to Buy and Sell (2012)

The Best of Trent and Activism 101 with Trent Loos (2012)

Tyranny by Treaty (2010)

The Wiggly, Jiggly, Purple Gelatin Monster (for the Grandkids (2009)

Plastic Bags on Our Backs (2008)

A Tuna Tale: Managing a fishery to increase positives (1996)

Curbing Irresponsible Talk and Irresponsible Fishing (1995)

You can find more here and also here.  Or go to my blog at or search the archives.

You might also want to review my Resume Teresa Platt 2014.pdf and References and Letters of Recommendation.

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