The captions below the pictures of Brits happily wearing real fur this winter are great. “Fur keeps me warm.” “I only wear vintage — I’m a vegetarian.” “My mum wears fur and most of my friends have some fur…” “It’s a matter for each individual to decide whether they wearContinue Reading

…pinched UK pensioners burn books to keep warm and young Brits are looking for a deal on a good used fur.  And even those who used to protest fur shops and vegetarians are happily wearing real fur. It’s really, really cold, all over the world. And people are looking toContinue Reading

A recent article on “renewable” energy in California reports that, besides all the windmills that are already marring what once was the beautiful state of California, we’ll need to cover an area the size of Rhode Island with solar panels. In total 150 projects covering 1.8 million acres have beenContinue Reading

In just 14 days in December 2009, those at the United Nations’ conference of the parties (UNCOP) climate change meeting in Copenhagen excreted 40,000 tons of CO2 into the atmosphere, more than 60 of the world’s smallest countries produce in an entire year combined! As many as 40,000 protestors, overContinue Reading

And here’s an amazing slideshow of beautiful Winter Wonderland pictures from places where a White Christmas comes every year! Enjoy wearing your furs and Peace on Earth and Goodwill to All!

What if…..  What if CO2 emissions from 6,000 older inefficient PCs in Duluth could be reduced by half by replacing them with one big 5-acre computer in Des Moines run by just 88 people? Think of what we’d save in CO2 emissions!  We’ll establish another UN bureaucracy with green jobbersContinue Reading

In the fur biz, we live and die by the weather. Warm weather, fur sales down. Add in a dicey economy, and pelt prices can fall dramatically. While the weather turns with the seasons, it also turns on the sun. As John Coleman, the founder of the Weather Channel explains,Continue Reading

For those of us with citrus trees, curd is a big favorite. Try lime, lemon and even orange curd. They are all made with the same basic recipe. Here’s a quick intro on making lime curd for the holidays.

Today there are dozens of ways to communicate with family, friends and the general public and we like to explore all options at Fur Commission USA. Many in the fur clothing business are fans of Facebook so I recently took the plunge and set up a Facebook site under TeresaContinue Reading