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Change truly is the only constant in our lives.

And changes are happening to the US mink farmers’ trade association, Fur Commission USA. I will no longer be working for the US mink farmers because FCUSA’s Board has restructured the organization, reducing its budget for government affairs and public relations work.   

I have enjoyed the last 13 years at FCUSA and am thankful for the time spent working with some of the finest mink farmers – and some of the finest people –  on the planet. During these years, the fur clothing business faced challenges with resolve and succeeded on many levels. The auction value of the US mink farmers’ pelts increased from US$73 million to over US$230 million. Reporters are calling it “The Golden Age of Fur.”

I am exceptionally proud of what we achieved, together.

As noted in a fur industry trade publication, Sandy Parker Reports, FCUSA’s Board, consisting of 7 mink farmers, has reduced the budget for public relations and government affairs: 

PEOPLE, PLACES & THINGS: In a move involving a redirection of its efforts, [FUR COMMISSION USA] President RON GENGEL explained the organization will put more of its money into research projects, such as trying to solve the ages-old problem of aleutian disease and to expand its ranch certification program. Both projects, he said, would be in cooperation with CANADA MINK BREEDERS ASSOCIATION. …Platt, who had served in the post for 13 years, expected to disclose her plans shortly.

I look forward to the next challenge in the fur industry. What that is, I cannot yet say. Stay tuned!

A big thank you for your kind words and good wishes. They mean a lot to me.

FCUSA provided an excellent Letter of Recommendation as did the International Fur Trade Federation and American Legend Cooperative, the farmers’ US auction house.

And Mel Blanke, FCUSA’s Legal Counsel, posted this recommendation to my LinkedIn account:

• Teresa served as Executive Director for an agricultural trade association for over 10 years while I served the association as counsel. Teresa ‘knew her stuff’ and she was a pleasure to work with over the years. Her duties included governmental relations, working with association members and working with other agricultural and related organizations as well as those within the industry. She brought great passion, energy and conviction to her work – and her efforts were greatly appreciated by the association and myself.

Jared “JJ” Brown from Senator Hatch’s office also posted a recommendation to my LinkedIn account:

• Teresa has been a long-time and outstanding advocate for restoring a rational approach to policy making in America. Her dogged drive to fight what appear to be un-winnable battles against environmental extremism have often been victorious — a rare feat.

Provider Pals’ founder Bruce Vincent stated:

• I have been honored to have been a side-bar participant and cheerleader as you have worked tirelessly to change the course of history for two industries – first the tuna industry and more recently the fur industry. Those efforts have served as positive templates for other resource cultures whose social license to operate is under fire.  All I can state with absolute certainty at this juncture is that the Fur Commission loss is going to be someone’s huge gain.  I look forward to assisting however I can in the next round of Teresa magic.

Here are snippets of comments from a few other colleagues: 

• The fur industry was very fortunate to have you putting in the efforts which you provided on our behalf. Your ability to get a positive message out when all the negative propaganda was swirling throughout our industry has righted a ship that could have been sunk without your input. [You] helped design a program that will continue to be quite capable of continuing the growth patterns if they use the system as you and your staff created.

• Thank you for all you have done, and for always being willing to answer my questions.  Best of luck for the future.

•I’m still in shock!  You were such a great resource for everyone as well as very knowledgeable about the fur industry.

•I think it is a great loss for the industry.

•I’m sorry to hear they’ll be losing you, you have done such an awesome job for them.

•I can’t believe it — you were an asset to the Fur Commission.

•The industry is sorry to lose you and I hope that your future only brings you good things. Thanks for all the great things you did for us.

•I always appreciated your input and professional help, your friendship and you as a person. 

•Best of everything, it has been great working with you over the years.

•Damn. This is heartbreaking news. You have been the backbone of the Fur Commission for so long that I can’t even imagine you leaving.

•Your work on helping the ranchers of fur has also been excellent in helping provide a much better rapport within the wild fur industry as we trappers have also benefited from your message about the fur industry in its entirety.  Wild fur trappers and the industry as a whole are much better off for your teamwork approach to the industry.  Thank you Teresa.

• Thanks for all the hard work and very effective work you did over the years for the mink industry.

•I wish you well on your new journey!

•Teresa, working with you has been a real joy.

•I am so sorry to hear that you’re not going to work with us anymore. You did a great job. Thanks for your good stuff you did for us!!!

• Teresa, I will miss you!!!!

• Thanks, Teresa, for everything!

You’re welcome — and keep in touch! 

Teresa Platt



Letters of Recommendation for Teresa Platt

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