Facing Up To Facebook

Today there are dozens of ways to communicate with family, friends and the general public and we like to explore all options at Fur Commission USA. Many in the fur clothing business are fans of Facebook so I recently took the plunge and set up a Facebook site under Teresa Platt. Go take a look.

It’s just another way to connect in cyberspace.

There are sites on Facebook that I have joined as a Fan such as California Women for Agriculture, the Animal Ag Alliance and National Animal Interest Alliance. Another favorite is the amazing Range Magazine. And radio host/cowboy Trent Loos has a great site. It’s easy to see where my interests lie. But other people on Facebook are also obviously interested in farming. Over 83 million (yes, over 83 million!) people are virtual farmers on a Facebook site called Farmville.

You’ll want to join a hot site, “Stop The Humane Society of the United States”, which is growing at a rapid clip. It had 9,242 members on July 24, 2009. By December 4 it had grown to 11,896 and by December 23, membership was at 12,799! Invite all your friends to join and maybe, one day, this will be the key site for helping push back against HSUS’s plans to force us off bison meat and onto soybean-based diets of tofu! Save the puppies – Stop HSUS! FCUSA also has a special section on H$U$.

The vegan CEO of The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) Wayne Pacelle has a Facebook site. While HSUS claims 11 million “constituents”, only about 4,500 are listed as Friends of Wayne. Searching through Wayne’s friends, I discover that Wayne and I have zero, absolutely zero, Facebook friends in common.

While it’s not surprising that the vast majority of Wayne’s Facebook Friends live in DC, New York and San Fran, I was surprised to see some photos of people riding horses and posing with their pets. If HSUS keeps going the way it’s going, very few people will be able to afford a to keep a horse or give a puppy for Christmas and they’ll be forced to enjoy the vegan lifestyle to which Wayne is committed! No more BBQ for you!

Extremists haven’t missed Facebook and are using it to promote their agenda. Domestic terrorist groups such as the Animal and Earth Liberation Fronts have supporting sites. Do report any you find to Facebook. The more complaints Facebook receives, the more likely it is that such sites will be shut down.

Omnivores dominate Facebook by far. Red Robin’s Gourmet Burger’s site, for example, has over 30,000 fans.

Search Facebook by “BBQ” — almost 1.5 million fans on several sites. Then search by  “vegan” — less than 10,000 fans on a tiny number of sites. A search for “soybeans” is pretty miserable. Clearly, we are not herbivores.

But just to prove this is hope for us yet, the Facebook page for “Laughing until it hurts and you can’t breathe has over 3 million fans!

And just to prove that everyone still dreams of owning their own farm, farming in cyberspace, Farmville, has 23 million fans — the top site on Facebook!

If you’re on Facebook, let us know. And share any Facebook pages that thrill you and we’ll take a look.

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