…pinched UK pensioners burn books to keep warm and young Brits are looking for a deal on a good used fur.  And even those who used to protest fur shops and vegetarians are happily wearing real fur. It’s really, really cold, all over the world. And people are looking toContinue Reading

In the fur biz, we live and die by the weather. Warm weather, fur sales down. Add in a dicey economy, and pelt prices can fall dramatically. While the weather turns with the seasons, it also turns on the sun. As John Coleman, the founder of the Weather Channel explains,Continue Reading

Today there are dozens of ways to communicate with family, friends and the general public and we like to explore all options at Fur Commission USA. Many in the fur clothing business are fans of Facebook so I recently took the plunge and set up a Facebook site under TeresaContinue Reading

The same week about 50 million turkeys were enjoyed for Thanksgiving, vegans came to protest against farmers in a county where livestock outnumber people 100 to one. Follow the links to a Facebook slideshow and more.

While in Park City, I bought this lovely leather mesh, fox and rabbit fur poncho. The leather, of course, is made from the container that our beef dinner originally came in. And someone ate the rabbit for dinner and anything left over got fed to the fox. In turn, theContinue Reading

Wool-Wool.com’s Chrys Hutchings gave me this lovely New Zealand merino wool and paihamu throw to keep me cozy when I’m ready in my leather chair next to the fireplace this Christmas.

Even though this fur is the oldest clothing on the planet, a tour of a fur auction is something most people have never seen.