[note: links to references.html need to be replaced] Change truly is the only constant in our lives. And changes are happening to the US mink farmers’ trade association, Fur Commission USA. I will no longer be working for the US mink farmers because FCUSA’s Board has restructured the organization, reducingContinue Reading

Naturally occurring genetic mutations are part of the evolutionary process and color mutations are some of the most visually exciting to humans. A book by Jeff Richter on the white deer of Wisconsin was featured on PBS. There are reports of black deer in Texas, photographed beautifully by Richard Buquoi.Continue Reading

Yes, it’s cold outside but it’s also lovely and quiet and so very gorgeous. Grab your mink and go for a stroll. Consider visiting a local cemetery or garden in winter, when snow makes everything more beautiful. Hope you enjoy this tour of the National Trust gardens in the UK,Continue Reading

Vegans have chosen the day after Turkey-Free Thanksgiving as their traditional day to demonstrate in favor of synthetic, petrochemical-based clothing and against natural fiber clothing, including fur. This year, they stood for an hour or so in Park City, Utah, just after an Arctic storm illustrated why people love fur’sContinue Reading

I’m just back from the Mountain Sky Guest Ranch in Montana, where I spent a wonderful four days at a seminar entitled “Entrepreneurship and the Environment” (free-market environmentalism), a Liberty Fund conference for professionals, co hosted with the Property and Environment Research Center. Moderated by the very brilliant Ron BaileyContinue Reading

If you’re engaged in food and fiber production, you’ll want to watch PeTA’s vegan VP, Bruce Friedrich, debate a member of the BYU debate team, Bruce Daniels, on the topic: “Should Mormans eat meat?” Friedrich argued that compassionate, moral Mormans who want to reduce waste, cruelty, environmental devastation, and hungerContinue Reading

Fur was our first choice for cold weather clothing. It remains so today. But every garment on the catwalk started out as pelts — so let’s go to auction and examine the pelts offered for sale.  And if you like this tour, made during the 2010 auction season, here’s anotherContinue Reading

The captions below the pictures of Brits happily wearing real fur this winter are great. “Fur keeps me warm.” “I only wear vintage — I’m a vegetarian.” “My mum wears fur and most of my friends have some fur…” “It’s a matter for each individual to decide whether they wearContinue Reading