I am a long-time California property owner who has refurbished several properties. I currently offer two of them as vacation rentals in North San Diego County:

    * a mid-century modern Mad Men house with a stunning selection of oak trees and terrific northern views; and

    * a charming California ranch with guest house, pool and western views overlooking the Fallbrook golf course.

And as a government affairs and public relations specialist, writer and researcher, I specialize in natural resources, environmental issues and property rights.  

I’ve worked in food and fiber production and trade for over three decades and am a 2007 “Enviropreneur” with the Property and Environment Research Center in Montana.

I managed shoreside operations for my family’s tuna fishing boat and was the first female officer of the American Tunaboat Association.

I also owned and operated a sailboat charter company on San Diego Bay during the America’s Cup.

While educating the public about tuna fishing, I helped pass federal legislation supported by the fisherman and five major environmental organizations, including Greenpeace, the World Wildlife Fund and the Center for Marine Conservation.  

From 1998-2011 I served as Executive Director of a national trade association representing farmers in about two dozen states. During that time, the the value of their goods rose from $73 million to over $230 million at auction.

From 2012 to 2013, I served as Director of the Environment and Enterprise Institute at a Washington, DC think tank.

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Teresa Platt



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